Come with Me, 2005
8" x 25' x 15'
Oil on canvas, acrylic paint on acrylic panels

Corpus Perspicuus: Body Transparent is an exhibition by Thekla Hammond, Cheryl Calleri and Tobin Keller which uses the human figure in transparent media to reflect the experiences of human consciousness. Through the body, we move from sensations to emotions to awareness of being - feeling who we are.

Hammond's installation, Come With Me, includes oil painted canvas and fifty hanging acrylic panels and mirrors which rotate to reflect multiple images of figures, recreating the alternating experiences of separation and connection, separation and connection and separation. An a cappella quartet sings Samuel Barbar's The Collin' in the installation, beginning in disharmony, gradually finding each other physically and musically.

Come With Me is an invitation to see, hear, feel and become conscious of the movement between isolation and community, separation and connection, in human experience.

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Corpus Perspicuus Video
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Music by Thekla Hammond
Video Production: Cheryl Calleri
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