Video installation by Cheryl Calleri and Thekla Hammond

CO-MOTION is a video installation about the poetry of movement.

In the studio, the artists created visual images of invisible subatomic movement. Quarks are so small and move so fast that they can't be seen. They share a property known as spin, rotating on their axes.

In CO-MOTION images of invisible quarks alternate rapidly with film clips of visible movement from daily life - billiard balls, trains, natural elements, winged animals, plants and people - singly, in couples and en masse.

When the moving video about movement is projected onto a moving screen of Plexiglas panels, the images' reflections rotate around the room - leap onto the walls and dance onto the floor - to surround the viewer in CO-MOTION.

Video installation:
Cheryl Calleri and Thekla Hammond

Armando Mafufo

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CO-MOTION - introduction
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If you are interested in seeing the full video,
please contact Thekla Hammond.
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